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Poker is a very versatile game and can not be player without care. You can lose money very fast as well as make money very fast. Every move you make either makes you or breaks you. So this games must be played with caution to prevent any serious losses.

If online poker is something you currently take interest in and is contemplating on setting up an account to start playing at the virtual tables then you should not jump right into getting an account just anywhere.

Choosing the right poker room is as vital as your morning breakfast! Certain rooms will start you out well with cash bonuses and other rooms will be way to hard and competitive for a new player. A room you should not play at for the first time is Full Tilt Poker. The competition will eat you alive. This is where the pros play. They do offer a Full Tilt bonus code cash bonus but for a new player you will lose that almost instantly.

Titan Poker and William Hill Poker are 2 poker rooms that we recommend for a new player. Although big players play at these rooms they also have new player guides and tournaments so that the little fish can get a taste of winning poker money. Once you get more experience you can climb the rakes for big prize pools.

Now these rooms also offer sweet cash bonuses for new players. If you sign up for an account with a Titan Poker bonus code or William Hill Poker promo code you will be rest assured to have a good experience with them.